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Signs of Nursing Home Neglect and What You Should Do

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Hazards Throughout the Building

Sanitary conditions need to be kept throughout any commercial building, but it is especially important in nursing homes where residents are more likely to lose their balance or get sick. Pay attention to any poor lighting conditions, slippery floors or outdated health equipment.

Changes in Behavior

Neglect and abuse can have severe ramifications to the victim. When you visit your loved ones, be mindful if they behave strangely. Any drastic changes should be brought to someone’s attention.

Physical Changes

In addition to behavioral changes, the elderly may also begin to look differently. Some common physical changes in the victims of neglect include:
• Extreme weight loss
• Development of bedsores
• Signs of injuries such as bruises
• Appearance of malnutrition or dehydration

Your loved ones deserve the best. If you have any suspicions that neglect is taking place in a nursing home, then get in touch with a nursing home abuse attorney immediately. For additional information, call The Law Offices of Bruce Meth.

sflwaSigns of Nursing Home Neglect and What You Should Do

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