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Ways to Prove You Were Not at Fault for Rear Ending Another Vehicle

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First Things First

In most car accidents that involve one driver rear-ending another, the person that ran into the back of the other person’s car is typically labeled the at-fault driver in the accident. In most car accidents that involve rear endings, this is true. The driver that ran into the other driver is usually responsible for the accident.

Rear-ending another vehicle happens for many reasons. For example, you might not see that the cars ahead of you stopped completely. If this happens, you might not have time to stop your car. Rear endings also occur when drivers simply are not paying attention to the road.

When the police arrive at an accident scene that involves a rear-ending, they typically assume the driver in the back is responsible for the accident; however, there are times when this is not the case.

When This Is Not What Happened

If you are certain that you did not cause this accident to happen, you will need evidence that proves otherwise. There are several good explanations that can back your story and prove that the other driver is actually responsible for the accident. Here are some explanations of how this could occur:

  • The person’s brake lights were not working – Brake lights are vital on the roads because they alert drivers to stop. If the person’s brake lights did not come on, and if this caused you to rear-end the driver, you could win the car accident case.
  • The driver was distracted – If you can prove the driver was not paying attention when driving due to a distraction of some kind, you could also win. For example, if they were texting, did not notice traffic stopped ahead, and had to slam on their brakes, causing you to slam on yours, then you are not completely at fault.
  • The driver did not turn – One other thing that happens in some cases is a driver attempts to turn but does not. If this driver should have turned but did not, you could use this as your defense.

Accidents happen on roads every single day, and they happen for many reasons. If you truly believe the other driver caused this accident, you will need evidence.

Evidence to Show You’re Not at Fault

Proving fault is vital in a car accident case, especially in cases like this. To prove your case, you should begin by getting a copy of the police report. If the police report states that the other driver caused the accident, you will have an easier time winning your case.

If the police report states otherwise, you will need other proof. You can obtain this by talking to witnesses that saw the accident, or you could hire someone to inspect the other person’s car if you suspect the brake lights were not working.

Your lawyer can also help you find ways to gather evidence that proves your case. With the right evidence, you could win the case and seek compensation from the other driver for the injuries and damages you experienced from the accident.

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sflwaWays to Prove You Were Not at Fault for Rear Ending Another Vehicle

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