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Car Accidents: Where are They Most Likely to Occur?

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These are actually pretty good odds considering that the United States has some of the busiest roads in the world. There are about 264 million vehicles registered in the United States.

There are a few places where you are most likely to have that accident. While you can’t 100% prevent auto accidents, knowing where they are most likely to occur can help you avoid the likelihood.

Car accidents happen most often when there are a lot of cars gathered in one area or very few cars in the area. Keep these common areas in mind while driving to help stay vigilant.

Parking Lots

It’s rare to have a high-speed accident in a parking lot. Though it is a hotbed for low-speed fender benders.

Parking lots have dozens of cars all packed in close to each other. Combine that with human error and the odds are in favor of an accident to happen.

Another common accident is cars hitting people. As people walk through the parking lot, they appear out of nowhere behind a car.

Intersections and Stop Signs

There are a few things that happen at intersections that can cause an accident. The driver could fail to stop in time and run into the back of the vehicle in front of them.

They could fail to completely stop and roll through a stop sign or red light and into the intersection. Oncoming traffic isn’t expecting this and it causes an accident.

These accidents tend to get complicated and it often takes the assistance of legal representation to settle the situation. The most common debate in these accidents involves deciding who is at fault.

Two-Lane Roads

A two-lane road has one lane for traffic going in each direction. The shoulders are usually quite small too.

This leaves drivers a smaller margin of error when it comes to driving between the lines. Head on collisions and accidents where drivers go off the road are common.

Rural Highways

Rural highways have less multiple vehicle crashes and more single vehicle accidents. Because these roads tend to have less traffic, drivers tend to become distracted and less attentive to the road and surroundings.

The driver could then veer off the road or collide with an animal that happens to be trying to cross the road. Another problem is the lack of maintenance on these back roads. A poorly maintained road can cause loss of control and ultimately an accident.

Avoid Car Accidents

While there is no way to completely avoid accidents, you can lower your risk by being especially vigilant in these areas. Car accidents happen when people make a mistake in their decision making or aren’t paying attention to their surroundings.

Avoid driving in close proximity to others. This reduces your risk of getting hit due to another’s mistake in decision making.

Contact us today if you’ve been involved in a car accident and are seeking legal advice.

Joe SalernoCar Accidents: Where are They Most Likely to Occur?

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