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Ride-Hailing Apps May Be Increasing Number of Deaths on U.S. Roads

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Researchers found that the number of accidents increased after the launch of ride-hailing applications. However, it isn’t clear whether the increase in accidents is due to there being more Uber and Lyfts on the road, or due to the fact that more people are distracted by their phones while driving. Yet, researchers did identify an alarming trend that could be more directly tied to ride-hailing applications. In cities where ride-hailing competes with traditional forms of public transportation, the researchers identified an increase in the number of traffic deaths. Ride hailing companies might be increasing the number of cars on the road in these cities, increasing the risk of crashes.

According to Forbes, the researchers also studied the impact that ride-sharing vehicles had on pedestrian and bicyclist safety and concluded that ride sharing applications also could be increasing the number of accidents here as well.

The reality is that ride-hailing applications simply have not been on the road long enough to produce significant statistical results. As more time passes, researchers will be better able to identify stronger trends.

Lyft claims that the study is flawed, however, citing problematic methodology to conclusions that may not be justified by statistics. Until the paper undergoes full peer review, we’ll have to hold before jumping to any quick conclusions.

What can you do to stay safe when riding in an Uber or Lyft? Demand that your driver put away distracting devices. Report unsafe driving behavior to Uber and Lyft. And seek damages if you or a loved one was involved in a crash while riding in an Uber or Lyft, no matter how minor. Always seek medical attention after any accident. Some injuries may not always be immediately apparent after a crash.

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damgRide-Hailing Apps May Be Increasing Number of Deaths on U.S. Roads

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