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Avoiding Collisions with Trucks

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  • Know the Truck Blind Spots. Trucks have wider blind spots than passenger vehicles. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a truck’s blind spot includes the area directly to the truck driver’s left side, two lanes on the driver’s right side extending beyond the length of the truck, 20 feet in front of the truck, and 30 feet behind. If you are driving in these blind spots, the truck can’t see you. Avoid driving in these areas whenever possible.
  • Pass in the left lane. Because a truck’s left side has the smallest blind spot, you should always try to pass a truck in the left lane. Passing a truck should be a conscientious process. Accelerate when you are beside the truck, and make sure you are at least 20 feet in front of the vehicle before signaling and moving in front.
  • Consider where you’ll pass the truck. Plan your pass ahead of time. If there is a vehicle moving slowly beside the truck in the left lane, don’t pass. Never pass on the right-hand side, and avoid passing trucks during downhill sections of road.
  • Don’t tailgate. Remember that tailgating puts you in a truck’s blind spot. If the truck needs to stop suddenly, you could end up rear-ending the vehicle.
  • Don’t linger in front of a truck, either. Remember that trucks take longer to stop. If you notice a truck right behind you, you are in the danger zone.
  • Maintain a consistent speed when driving on the highway. According to Life Hacker, trucks cannot stop or accelerate as quickly as other vehicles, by maintaining a consistent speed you reduce the risk that a truck will come up on you too quickly or have difficulty stopping.

Finally, when traveling over the holidays, consider the basics of driving safety. Don’t use your phone while driving, get rest before a long drive, and stop if you feel tired. It’s usually best to travel with companions who can help you navigate unfamiliar roads and who can take over behind the wheel if you start to feel fatigued.

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