I Was Hit by a Car in San Diego and the Insurer Handling the Claim Offered Me a Low Amount? What should I Do?

Before accepting any amount of money from the insurance company for the various damages you suffered, you should consult with a San Diego, CA personal injury attorney who will first assess the value of your damages and compare that amount to what the insurer has offered you.


If you’ve ever heard that insurance companies aren’t your friend, there is some truth to this statement. The fact is, insurance carriers aren’t your friends, they are businesses and all business look to profit. When a claim is filed and an insurer has to pay out for the damages a claimant suffered, many adjusters assigned to handle these claims have been trained to offer amounts that are far lower than what you would expect to receive. Unfortunately, many accident victims are unaware of their legal rights and are often convinced by the adjuster that what they are being offered is, in fact, equitable.


So, what do they do? In most cases, the claimant will accept the settlement payment the insurer offers and relinquish their rights to pursue the company for any additional compensation. What many individuals fail to realize is that once you agree to a settlement offer from an insurer, you are agreeing to their terms which generally state that once you accept the money, you are no longer permitted to pursue the carrier for anything else. So, what happens if you don’t recover from the injuries you thought were minor but instead are now required to seek expensive medical treatment for them? Who is going to pay for these medical expenses and those to follow in the future?


The answer is you.


It is for this very reason that pedestrians who have been hit by a car are encouraged to seek legal advice before making any sort of decision with the party responsible for paying them. Not only will an attorney provide you with an accurate estimate regarding the damages you suffered, but they can also handle your claim, which may result in the insurer wanting to provide you with a fair settlement. The reality is, when a lawyer is added to the mix, insurers are more likely to provide a claimant with a more reasonable settlement as they know what lawyers are capable of should they decide to provide a victim with a low-ball offer instead.


So, if you or a family member were hit by a driver in San Diego, CA and you feel the amount the adjuster offered you seems too low, it probably is, and we recommend you contact our office to speak with CA personal injury lawyer Bruce S. Meth. Not only might we be able to negotiate on your behalf with the adjuster to try and get him or her to increase their settlement offer, but we can assist you in filing a personal injury lawsuit in an attempt to get you more for your damages.


The State of California has set its statute of limitations for personal injury cases at two years. In other words, this is the deadline you have to file a lawsuit in an effort to recover compensation for the damages/losses you suffered. What this timeframe gives you is an opportunity to seek medical treatment for your injuries and obtain a prognosis from your physician. This, in turn, allows you and your attorney to accurately value your damages.


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damgI Was Hit by a Car in San Diego and the Insurer Handling the Claim Offered Me a Low Amount? What should I Do?