San Diego Man Who Had Near-Death Experience While Riding Bird Scooter is Now Speaking Out About It

Many individuals who have a near-death experience suffer from such severe and traumatizing injuries they often can’t recollect what happened nor are they able to function the way they once could. Fortunately for George Gardikas, 41, he not only survived the accident he was involved in while riding a Bird scooter, but he was able to share with the world why he “will never step foot on an electric scooter again and advises others to do the same” [Source: Fox 5 San Diego].

It was June 11, 2018, at around 8:30 in the evening when Gardikas was out riding a Bird scooter in San Diego when he traveled into the path of a car and was struck. Although Gardikas was cited for DUI and not wearing a helmet, the suffered some rather serious injuries which landed him in the ICU at Scripps Mercy Hospital. Despite his inability to recall the crash, he won’t forget the pain and suffering he has had to endure after it. Gardikas not only suffered broken ribs, but also a fractured jaw, a broken clavicle, and scapula. He also has a plate in his shoulder which serves as a reminder of the traumatic and nearly fatal accident he was involved in.

Sadly, doctors at Scripps Mercy Hospital treat scooter accident victims all too often. In fact, one physician said that there are about one to two injured victims coming into the trauma center a week for treatment.

New Regulations for Bird Scooters Coming to San Diego

Since the launch of the Bird company, there has been a lot of debate surrounding how safe the electric scooter is. And as the company has evolved, it has received more backlash and criticism from riders, lawmakers, and others sharing the road with the scooters because of accidents just like the one Gardikas was involved in.  Since March of 2018, the San Diego Police Department shows in a report that more than 70 people suffered injuries in crashes involving scooters, although health care professionals believe that number is significantly higher.

Between the lack of regulations and the disregard for riders, there have been too many individuals suffering injuries ranging from minor to severe which has finally prompted lawmakers to do something about it.

According to Greg Block, who is the public affairs manager for Mayor Kevin Faulconer’s Officer, the city is will not only see improvements made to the cycle tracks, but “city leaders are about to propose a list of regulations,” which is something many have been pushing for since the start of the company and others like it. Block stated that since the “industry is evolving so quickly,” the rules being put into place are “common sense regulations around the industry that we think will help [the scooters] integrate into our community.” Some of the new regulations that are expected to be enforced include:

  • Scooter staging in order to prevent them from cluttering the sidewalks.
  • Charging companies for each dockless device they have operating in San Diego.
  • Reduced speed limits in high-pedestrian areas such as boardwalks. 
  • Requiring companies to increase rider education.
  • Requiring companies to share collected data with the city, including where the scooters are being ridden, how many are on the streets, and maintenance activities.

Hopefully, with the proposed regulations listed above as well as the others that are expected to be enforced, there will be fewer electric scooter incidents occurring.

Were you involved in an accident in San Diego, CA with a Bird scooter?

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