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Brad H.

I was in a car accident on the 5 and felt fine but a little shaken up at the time of the accident.  My condition worsened within hours after getting home from the accident that day. I reached out to Mr. Leuck who was referred to me by one of my friends. I didn’t know what to expect or what I was walking into, but he was a God send.  Within 48 hours my body was so sore and I could barely walk… I knew I needed to see a doctor and get checked out but some of us are more stubborn than others.  So I decided to reach out to see if Mr. Meth and his team could help.  I was put in touch with Jared Leuck and he couldn’t have been a better match. Mr. Leuck made sure I went to see the doctor in order to for my body to get back to normal first and he kept checking in on me to see how I was recovering. Once I started to feel somewhat normal again, he was so kind enough to walk me through the legal aspects of what was coming down the road.  I had know idea how much time and effort and long hours attorneys put in behind the scenes. Like I mentioned before, he truly was a blessing and who knows how bad the insurance company would of screwed me over, but Mr. Leuck wouldn’t allow that to happen to me.  Not only was Mr. Leuck so accommodating, Bruce and his staff were so wonderful to work with while going through such a difficult time filled with uncertainty. They were so good, that I allowed them to help me with another incident and I couldn’t do much happier with my decision. Thank you again for all your help!!!

sflwaBrad H.
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Jackie S.

Highly recommend anyone that is looking to find an excellent injury attorney- go to the man Bruce Meth. Him and his colleague Jared Leuck work very hard and I’m very, very happy with the outcome of my case. My mother has been a client as well and we definitely recommend them. Some of the finest attorneys in San Diego!

sflwaJackie S.
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Christine B.

Caring, honest accident lawyers are hard to find. After my incident involving an underinsured driver, Bruce Meth worked diligently on my case and achieved a very satisfactory result. Attorney Meth listened to my concerns, clearly explained my options, and kept me informed about progress on my case. I recommend him (five stars!) without reservation.

sflwaChristine B.
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Janice P.

I met Bruce Meth while working in Property Management and I happened to mention I had been bitten by a dog. Bruce helped me from that point on. Not only was he pleasant and helpful, I am convinced that he was able to get a settlement that was substantial I truly believe no other attorney could have done. Bruce’s office staff kept in touch by email and were helpful in getting information that was needed. I had dealt with other attorneys in the past with auto accidents and I never received the feeling they were taking care of me. Bruce was totally the opposite and I am recommending him highly.

sflwaJanice P.
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Dean F.

Bruce and his staff are excellent in the way they handled my case. They were quick, efficient, and outstanding. Bruce communicated throughout the case and we got satisfaction for our car crash settlement. Bruce was there for us when we needed a skilled attorney to help us navigate through all the legalese and situations that arose during the entire process. We would recommend Bruce Meth for anyone who has a personal injury case.

sflwaDean F.
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Marya L.

The service provided by all the staff at the office off attorney Bruce Meth was exceptional. They made me feel at peace when I was in one of the most stressful moment of my life, I received periodical phone calls and e-mails to check on me and to see how the treatment was working out for me. Mr Bruce explained everything in terms that I could understand and made me and my husband feel like family. I couldn’t be more happy of the outcome of my case, he worked hard to get me the best settlement possible.

sflwaMarya L.
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