Premises Liability Cases in Chula Vista, San Diego and Scripps Ranch

Property owners, including store keepers, have a duty to maintain their premises in a safe condition and to warn people if a dangerous condition exists on their property. When property owners neglect their duty to keep their premises in a safe condition, you have the right to recover your medical costs, lost earnings, pain and suffering and emotional distress. At the Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth, Attorney Meth and Attorney Leuck work together to protect the rights of people who have been injured due to someone else’s negligence. There is never a fee until we recover a settlement for you. If you have sustained a serious injury after slipping or tripping due to someone else’s negligence, give us a call. Do not talk to the insurance carrier before consulting an experienced slip and fall injury attorney. When you walk into our office, you will be treated with respect by a friendly office staff that prides itself on making our clients feel as comfortable as possible during this most difficult time of their lives. Call the Law Offices of Bruce S. Meth at 619-691-8942 for a free initial consultation.

Common Causes of Slip-and-Fall Accidents

If you need a lawyer for a trip-and-fall case, you might be facing this situation due to one of many common causes, including:

  • Faulty construction
  • Uneven surfaces
  • Wet or slippery surfaces
  • Unsafe Stairwell’s 


These and other conditions can cause minor injuries, or they can be a catalyst for a major accident. If you are struggling to deal with the aftermath of an accident, an attorney may be able to help.

Helping You Recover From an Accident in the Chula Vista, El Cajon and San Diego Areas

Unsafe conditions can be found anywhere and everywhere, but sometimes they result in an accident that has lasting effects on the victim. When this happens, it can be difficult to hold the responsible party accountable for the harm they have caused. In situations like these, a premises liability lawyer may be able to provide relief. The Law Office of Bruce Meth provides this service to clients in the following areas:

  • Chula Vista
  • Carlsbad
  • Escondido
  • East County
  • North County
  • South Bay
  • San Diego
  • Imperial County
  • Southern California

Our office also provides the services for many other personal injury accidents including car accidents, and dog bites.

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